The Remote Britain team are currently travelling to some of the remotest locations in the country to capture our stunning and diverse landscape


Many of the locations situated in the remotest areas rely on tourism for its income, and through this project we’re seeking to raise awareness and help attract many people to visit and boost the local tourist industry.

It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to. 

J.R.R. Tolkien


Northumbria - visited June 2016

Northumbria is an official Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and is one of Britain's best kept secrets. With white sandy beaches stretching for miles, exquisite light, castles, forests, wildlife, Islands and an enormous amount of history on offer this is a MUST for families and adventurers alike. Some of the remotest parts of Britain are geared up more for walkers and adventurers - but Northumbria is a perfect location for families and people of all ages and abilities.


Lundy Island - visited May 2016

Our team has just returned from visiting the fabulous Lundy Island. It's located 10 miles off the North Devon coast, sitting in the Atlantic Ocean, and offers so much for any traveller looking for natural beauty. We spent three sun drenched days on the Island and enjoyed the warmth of the spring sunshine. Fabulous food in the Tavern and a wonderful cottage made us very welcome. More to follow on the blog.


Bardsey Island - visited May 2016

Bardsey Island is one of the hidden gems of Britain. It's just a short 20 minute boat ride from the peninsula of Aberdaron in North Wales, and is a beautiful haven for a variety of wildlife, especially in the spring when the birds migrate. On our boat ride to Bardsey we saw Puffins, Oystercatchers, a Porpoise, seals and numerous gulls. If you're looking for somewhere tranquil to walk and enjoy far reaching views of the beautiful Irish sea, look no further than Bardsey Island.

artwork - Lydia Orange

artwork - Lydia Orange

artwork - Lydia Orange

artwork - Lydia Orange

Exmoor - visited April 2016

Exmoor is simply stunning - a real favourite location. It's rolling hills are shaped in a beautiful patchwork, with farms and livestock scattered across scenery, which allows some breathtaking views of the coastline. Our short trip gave a us a glimpse of how spectacular it will look here when spring really gets going. Trees were still bare, but their buds were beginning to show - so in a few weeks it will be full of beautiful colours.




Hartland, North Devon - visited in March 2016

Heartland is a spectacular place. It has stunning coastal footpaths which continue for miles, with scenery that takes your breath away. We decided to make this trip a 24 hour get-away to see if we could get 'remote' and enjoy what the Atlantic coastline had to offer in such a short space of time. Our blog will shortly have the details of our trip, but we highly recommend Hartland for walking the beautiful and accessible Atlantic coast, and to enjoy the gorgeous sunsets that this location provides.


Snowdonia - visited in February 2016

Snowdonia is a beautiful and often very wet location, in North Wales. It's one of those places that seems very familiar, but not everyone has climbed Mount Snowdon in the winter. Lots of people choose to enjoy the train ride to the top of the mountain in the summer months, but to climb it winter is a very different task, with extremely high wind, snow and freezing temperatures it certainly put our gear to the test! You can read all about our trip on our blog, but we definitely recommend Snowdonia for any adventurer who wants a challenge!


The Isle of Lewis and Harris - visited in January 2016

The Isle of Lewis and Harris is located in the Outer Hebrides in the Scottish Isles. It is a magnificent place, full of natural beauty and incredible wildlife. We found it a very diverse place to visit, with so much to offer for anyone who enjoys great views, hill walking, stunning coastlines and plenty of fresh air! Here are some of our photos and paintings of the islands below - to read about our experience of the location and for some useful info click here