Lundy Island

We have recently returned from the most stunning trip to Lundy Island. Located 10 miles off the coast of north Devon, the Island is a peaceful habitat of wildlife, lush green walks and incredible views. It's a three mile walk from the northern tip to the southern end, where most of the 23 holiday properties are located. Each one has wonderful views, and we enjoyed every moment of our 3 day trip, with a stunning view of the ocean from the front room of our cottage.

We spent a lot of time photographing the middle part of the Island, where there's a beautiful area called Jenny's Cove - this is the area where most of the migrating birds hatch their eggs. We watched them circling the cove, fishing and nesting in huge numbers. It was amazing!

We had back to back sunshine for all three days, and enjoyed some wonderful sunsets by an area called The Cheeses (because of the rock shapes), and the battery, which used to be the Islanders way of warning ships about the rocks - before the new lighthouses were installed.

We have nothing negative to say about this beautiful Island - even the crossing from Bideford on their boat was fun. If you want an adventure and some peaceful walks in the Atlantic, get to Lundy!